Connectivity Management 5.0 Functionality Enhancements

In addition to general performance and user experience improvements, this release of Connectivity Management includes the following functionality enhancements:

  • Device Groups.
  • LoRa® application management.

  • Ability to perform more bulk actions.
  • Ability to view an SMS history log.
  • Inbound SMS callback management.
  • Changes to the invoice summary file’s format.

Device Groups


For further information on managing Device Groups, please refer to the Device Groups documentation.

Creating groups allows you to classify subscribers into distinct categories. Assigning users to groups allows you to control the level of access that users have to the subscribers on the account. For example, a user who is assigned to the “Live” group is only able to view and perform operations on subscribers that are in this group. This functionality allows you to provide restricted access to certain groups. For example, you can provide restricted access to external parties such as contractors or on-site technicians.

LoRa® Application Management

LoRa® application management allows customers and networks to manage their LoRaWAN low powered network devices and applications and route them to their pre-existing services. Data routing can be managed through the platform without modifying the device.

LoRa® application management is conducted from the LoRa® menu in Connectivity Management. The LoRa® menu allows you to create LoRa® applications and add LoRa® devices, which can be managed in the same way as any other device in Connectivity Management.

LoRa® application management must be enabled on an account basis. For more information about Stream’s LoRaWAN server and services please contact Stream Support.

Bulk Actions


 For further information on performing actions in bulk, please refer to the User Guide documentation.

The following actions can be performed in bulk:

  • Adding monitoring alerts.
  • Adding tags to subscribers.
  • Adding text metadata to subscribers.
  • Changing the Pelion Global Roaming profile.
  • Moving subscribers between groups.
  • Setting subscriber nicknames.

SMS History Log


For further information on logging, please refer to the User Guide documentation.

This functionality only applies to customers who are utilising Connectivity Management’s SMS Gateway.

The ability to view the account’s SMS history has been introduced in this release.

The SMS API history allows users to view a complete log of all of the SMS messages sent via the Connectivity Management API or platform. This includes success statistics from the network.

This increases the application’s logging visibility and allows users to search and filter the SMS log.

Inbound SMS Callback Management


For further information on this functionality, please refer to the User Guide documentation.

This functionality only applies to customers who are utilising Connectivity Management’s SMS Gateway.

If the customer has arranged for inbound SMS messages to be delivered to their own services, this functionality allows them to change the URL to which the SMS is delivered.

Changes to Invoice Summary File Format

For further information about billing and invoice files, please refer to the User Guide.

Note that as of July 2016 invoice summaries will no longer be provided in PDF format.

Instead they will be provided in Excel format.

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