This section:

  • Provides navigation information about the Billing section.
  • Highlights the key actions that can be performed using the Billing section.


The following screenshot displays the Billing Overview Page and highlights the key actions that can be conducted in this section.


1.Click on the Billing icon to access this page.

Click on the Tariffs icon to view the tariff information page.

Using this page, you can:

  • View a detailed overview of the active tariffs on your account.

Click on the Invoices icon to view the invoice information page.

Using this page, you can:

  • Download files that relate to your latest invoice report.
  • Search for and download files relating to previous invoices.
  • View current and historical invoice breakdowns in a web-based format.
  • Search for and view usage information for a specific subscriber.

This section displays information relating to billable events that have occurred on your account.

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