Connectivity Management 6.0 Release Notes

This release of Connectivity Management includes the following functionality enhancements:

  • Remote SIM Provisioning functionality.
  • Enhanced subscriber and account analytics.
  • New user interface.
  • New service status page.

Remote SIM Provisioning Functionality

This release introduces a suite of functionality that allows customers to conduct Remote SIM Provisioning. This functionality enables customers to provision eSIM profiles over the air, without having to change the SIM card that's inserted inside of a device.

The Remote SIM Provisioning actions that can be conducted using Connectivity Management include:

  • Attaching eSIM profiles.
  • Detaching eSIM profiles.
  • Enabling eSIM profiles.
  • Disabling eSIM profiles.
  • Auditing eUICC SIM cards.

The Connectivity Management platform supports both the M2M and consumer versions of the GSMA's Remote SIM Provisioning specification.


If you are interested in utilising Connectivity Management's Remote SIM Provisioning services, please contact your Account Manager.


Remote SIM Provisioning is only visible in Connectivity Management if you have a Remote SIM Provisioning service agreement with Connectivity Management.

Enhanced Analytics

This release introduces new stats and graphs to Connectivity Management. 

The stats and graphs in the platform report on:

  • Usage broken down by subscriber.
  • Usage broken down by network protocol.
  • Usage broken down by IP address.
  • Usage broken down by data received and transmitted.
  • Usage totals.
  • Session totals.
  • Reverse domain name server lookups.


For further information relating to the stats and graphs that have been introduced to the platform, please refer to the User Guide.

New User Interface

The new features and functionality in this release are complemented by a refreshed user interface.

New Service Status Page

This release introduces a new service status page.

Using this page, customers can view the status of Connectivity Management's services from a centralised location and subscriber to service updates via SMS and email.


To visit the service status page, please navigate to the status page or navigate to Support>Notifications using Connectivity Management.

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