The Support section is used to:

  • Raise support tickets.
  • Identify any known issues with your current service.
  • View logging information.
  • Raise a request to change your organisation's contact details.

This section:

  • Provides navigation information about the Support section.
  • Highlights the key actions that can be performed using the Support section.


The following screenshot displays the Support Overview Page and highlights the key actions that can be conducted in this section.


1.Click on the Support icon to access this page.

Click on the Tickets icon to view the page for raising support tickets.

Using this page, you can:

  • Raise support tickets.
  • View the status of the support tickets that have been raised for your account.

Click on the Notifications icon to visit the Connectivity Management status page.

This page displays the service and status notifications.


Click on the Logs icon to view the logging information page.

Using this page, you can:

  • View a detailed overview of the user actions that have occurred on your account.
  • Search and filter for specific user actions.

Click on the Company icon to view the company information page.

Using this page, you can:

  • Raise a request to change the company's contact information.

This section allows you to raise a support ticket.

Complete the form and click on the Raise Ticket button to raise a ticket.


This section displays information relating to the services on the account.

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