What Are Data Routing Feeds?

This section explains:

  • What data routing feeds are.
  • TCP data routing feeds.
  • MQTT data routing feeds.
  • HTTPS data routing feeds.

Overview of Data Routing Feeds

Data routing feeds allow you to forward data from Connectivity Management on to a defined end point.

For example, setting up data feeds allows you to forward data on to a third-party application, such as a data analytics application. Connectivity Management allows users to set up data feeds using the following protocols: 

  • TCP
  • MQTT


Data routing feeds are only compatible with non-IP subscribers.


The data routing method that you set up will depend on the methods that are supported by the platform you are sending data to. For example, if the platform you are sending data to only supports HTTPS then you must set up an HTTPS data feed.

TCP Data Routing Feeds

A TCP data feed allows you to route raw packet data over a TCP socket.

If you are using a TCP data feed, you are required to specify a host and port address to which data is forwarded.

MQTT Data Routing Feeds

MQTT data feeds function by converting raw packet data into MQTT format and sending it to a specified location.

If you are using an MQTT data feed, you must have an MQTT broker. The broker is used to receive data from the network.

MQTT offers the following advantages:

  1. It is a lightweight protocol, with minimal packet overhead. This makes it a more suitable option than TCP in situations where network bandwidth is constrained.
  2. It offers a greater degree of scalability than TCP.


An MQTT data feed only allows you to receive data from your subscribers.

If you want to send data to and receive data from your subscribers you can subscribe to the MQTT broker. Refer to the Subscribing to the MQTT Broker topic for further information.

HTTPS Data Routing Feeds

HTTPS data routing feeds allow you to send data from subscribers to a web server using the POST request method.

If you are using an HTTPS data routing feed, you must have a web server to which data can be sent. 

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