Inventory Management

The Inventory section allows you to manage your stock inventory.

The stock inventory is comprised of the un-activated subscribers that are available for your account.

This section:

  • Provides navigation information about the Inventory section.
  • Highlights the key actions that can be performed using the Inventory section.


The following screenshot displays the Inventory Overview Page and outlines the key actions that can be conducted in this section.


Note that the stock inventory is broken down by operator, with the inventory for each operator being displayed in a separate panel. 

2.Click on the Inventory icon to access this page. 

Click on the Order Stock icon to view the stock ordering page.

Using this page, you can:

  • Order stock from operators.
  • Select a delivery address for the order.
  • Review postage and packaging information.

Click on the Order History icon to view the order history for the account.

Using this page, you can:

  • View a detailed overview of the account’s order history.
  • Search and filter for specific orders.

Click on the View Stock button to:

  • View the subscribers for the operator that are available in your inventory.
  • Activate subscribers for your account.
6.Click on the Request Stock button to request more stock for the operator.

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