Connectivity Management 6.1 Release Notes

This release of Connectivity Management includes:

  • API version 4.0
  • Updated Remote SIM Provisioning functionality

API version 4.0

Version 4.0 of the Connectivity Management API is now available. This version of the API has been written and documented using the OpenAPI specification

The endpoints in this release allow you to:

  • Retrieve subscriber data usage and statistical information about your company
  • Retrieve APN logging information
  • Manage monitoring alerts for your company
  • Activate a subscriber and assign it to a tariff
  • Order stock and view your company's order history
  • Perform troubleshooting actions for your subscribers
  • Manage an active subscriber's functionality and services
  • Retrieve information about your account's subscribers
  • Manage subscriber tags for your company


For information about API 4.0, please refer to the API Documentation.

This includes an overview of the API, information about how to use it and reference documentation for every endpoint.

Documentation for previous API versions is available from:

Updated Remote SIM Provisioning functionality

The platform's Remote SIM Provisioning functionality has been updated.

  • The Remote SIM Provisioning user interface has been updated
  • You can attach and enable an eSIM profile in a single action


If you are interested in using Connectivity Management's Remote SIM Provisioning services, please contact your Account Manager.

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