How Do I Set up DINA?

Direct Inbound Access, or DINA, is a proprietary technology designed by Connectivity Management.

DINA gives you the ability to access your SIMs from any location in the world via a web page. Using DINA you can temporarily associate any fixed IP SIM on your account with a public IP address. This means you can quickly access subscribers without the requirement to set up or install VPN technologies.

This section explains how to set up a DINA association for a SIM.


For security reasons, DINA is only available for fixed IP SIMs.

No more than 16 DINA sessions can be run concurrently per customer IP address.

Setting up a DINA association involves the following steps:

  1. Locate the subscriber you want to create a DINA association for.
  2. Create the DINA association.
  3. Access the DINA IP address.
  4. Terminate the DINA session.

1 Locate the Subscriber to Configure

The simplest way to locate a subscriber is to use the Search Bar.

To search for a subscriber:

  1. Enter any of the following terms into the Search Bar:
    • Device number.
    • Voice number.
    • Nickname.
    • Unique identifier.
  2. Press the Return key.
  3. If you have successfully located a subscriber, its subscriber management page will be displayed.

2 Create the DINA Association

To create the DINA association, click on the Associate DINA button.

3 Access the DINA IP Address 

To access the DINA IP address, click on the IP address displayed in the DINA panel.


  • The subscriber management page in Connectivity Management must be kept open to keep the DINA connection alive.
  • By default, DINA establishes a connection using HTTP port 80.

  • If port 80 is not available on the your device, you must append the URL generated by the platform with an available port.

  • For example <DINA URL>:<YOUR PORT NUMBER>

  • To determine which ports are available on your device, consult its documentation.

  • For example, if your device has port 8080 available, you would amend the URL as follows: <DINA IP>:8080

4 Terminating the DINA Session

To end the session, either: 

  • Click on the Disassociate DINA button.
  • Close or navigate away from the subscriber management page in Connectivity Management.
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