MQTT Broker

This section provides:

  • The prerequisites that are associated with subscribing to the MQTT broker.
  • An overview of the MQTT broker. 
  • An overview of the subscription process.
  • Links detailing further information about subscribing to the broker.


To subscribe to the MQTT broker you must satisfy the following prerequisites:
  • You must be familiar with the fundamentals of MQTT, including how to publish and subscribe to channels.
  • You must have access to an MQTT client, such as the HiveMQ Websocket Client.
  • You must have at least one non-IP subscriber that is submitting messages.
  • Only non-IP subscribers can be subscribed to the MQTT broker.


If you are using the HiveMQ client, refer to the HiveMQ documentation site to view the user guide.

MQTT Broker Overview

Subscribing to Connectivity Management's MQTT broker allows you to:
  • Forward data from non-IP subscribers to your own MQTT client.
  • Send data from your MQTT client to your non-IP subscribers.

The Services>MQTT Users section of Connectivity Management allows you to set up MQTT user credentials, which can be used to access the Connectivity Management MQTT broker using an MQTT client.


If you want to forward data to an MQTT broker instead of an MQTT client, you will need to set up an MQTT data feed.

Please refer to the User Guide for further information on how to do this.

MQTT Subscription Process

To subscribe to the Connectivity Management MQTT broker, you must:

  1. Select an MQTT client that you will use to connect to the Connectivity Management MQTT broker.

  2. Set up MQTT users in Connectivity Management.

  3. Connect to the Connectivity Management MQTT broker, using your chosen MQTT client.


    You must use the user credentials that were defined in step 2 when connecting to the broker.

  4. If you want to forward data from your non-IP subscribers to your MQTT client, you must subscribe to the relevant topics.
  5. If you want to send data to your non-IP subscribers from your MQTT client, you must publish data to the relevant topic.

Further Information


Further information about subscribing to the MQTT broker is available in the User Guide.

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