How Can I Organise Subscribers?

Connectivity Management provides several methods for organising subscribers, these include:

  • Nicknames.
  • Tags.
  • Groups.


Nicknames are useful for quickly differentiating between subscribers. Nicknames can be assigned to subscribers by the user and they are searchable using the Search Bar. For example, a subscriber that is being used for testing purposes might be assigned the nickname "Testing". Nicknames are also published in all reports and invoices.


Tags allow users to organise subscribers into informal groups. Some common applications for this functionality include assigning tags by project, network or location. For example, if you have a group of subscribers that are all in the same geographic location, you may wish to assign the same tag to them. Subscribers can be searched for by tags using the Search Bar. This allows you to view all of the subscribers that share the same tag. Tags are useful for organising subscribers, however, unlike groups, they cannot be used to restrict user access to groups of subscribers.


Creating groups allows you to classify subscribers into distinct categories. Assigning users to groups allows you to control the level of access that users have to the subscribers on the account. For example, a user who is assigned to the “Live” group is only able to view and perform operations on subscribers that are in this group. This functionality allows you to provide restricted access to certain groups. For example, you can provide restricted access to external parties such as contractors or on-site technicians.

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