Response and error codes

This section:

  • Explains what status codes are and what they mean
  • Provides guidance on how to respond to an error
  • Provides some example status codes

What do status codes mean?

The success or failure of an API call is indicated by the HTTP status code returned as part of the API response.

Status codes are grouped into ranges by type:

  • 2xx range: the call was successful.
  • 4xx range: the call failed due to an invalid request input. For example, you may have failed to include a required parameter in the request.
  • 5xx range: the call failed due to an internal server error on our end.

Responding to errors

  • Responding to Errors in the 4xx Range
    If you receive an error in the 4xx range it means there is a problem with the information provided in your call. For example, you may have provided a resource identifier that does not exist on your account, you may not have the permission to perform the action or you may have provided an invalid request body. We recommend that you review your call against the Reference documentation and validate that the resource(s) you are interacting with exist on your account.

  • Responding to Errors in the 5xx Range
    If you receive an error in the 5xx range it suggests there may have been an incident on our end. We recommend that you visit the status page to check if the service you are querying is down. If the error persists please contact the support team to report the issue.


If you are having difficulty resolving an error, please contact the support team.

In your ticket, please include the complete call you are trying to make as well as the response you are receiving.

Example status codes

This table includes examples of some status codes that you may receive when using the API and their corresponding descriptions.

Status CodeDescription
200Successful call.
400Error caused because one or more of the fields in the request body was not provided.
403Error caused because you do not have the user permission(s) required to perform this action.
404Error caused because the requested resource was not found.